1.) Montreal trades Carlos Pena to Mequon for Chase Headley and Mequon's 2009 2nd round draft choice.
2.) Taggart trades Octavio Dotel to Virginia for Virginia's 2009 Bonus round draft choice.
3.) Taggart trades Jack Hannahan to New York for New York's 2010 3rd round draft choice.
4.) Silver trades Delmon Young to Waikiki for Orlando Cabrera.
5.) Montreal trades Joey Votto to Maryland for Yunel Escobar.
6.) Northwoods trades Scott Olsen, Lastings Milledge and Jeff Francoeur to Greenville for Russell Martin and Greenville's 2009 2nd and 4th round draft choices.
7.) Greenville trades Frank Francisco to Taggart for Gerald Laird.
8.) Virginia releases Orlando Hernandez.
9.) Lafontaine Park trades Bobby Crosby and Tim Alderson to Georgia for Michael Young.
10.) Montreal trades Grady Sizemore and Reed Johnson to Palo Alto for Rick Porcello, Matt LaPorta, Max Ramirez and Palo Alto's 2009 2nd and Bonus round draft choices.
11.) Annadale trades Aramis Ramirez and $1,000,000 to Lafontaine Park for Ian Stewart
12.) Plum Island trades Carlos Guillen, Plum Island's 2010 3rd round draft choice and $6,000,000 to Northwoods for Scott Elbert.
13.) Williamsburg releases Scott Spiezio, Juan Encarnacion and Ryan Klesko.
14.) Taggart trades James Shields to Lafontaine Park for Yonder Alonso, Lafontaine Park's 2009 1st round draft choice and Silver's 2009 2nd round draft choice.
15.) Virginia trades Kelly Shoppach, Chris Carter and Virginia's 2010 1st round draft choice to Aspen for Ryan Dempster.
16.) Annadale trades Bengie Molina to Dublin for Dublin's 2009 4th round draft choice.


17.) Montreal releases Eric Munson, Laynce Nix and Todd Linden.
18.) Palo Alto trades Chris Duncan, Cliff Floyd, Brendan Harris, James McDonald, Ron Villone, Palo Alto's 2009 1st, 2010 2nd and 2010 3rd round draft choices and $1,000,000 to Montreal for J.J. Putz.
Montreal trades Ramon Castro to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park for 2010 8th round draft choice.
20.) Alaska releases Matt Morris, Kyle Snyder and Tomo Ohka.
21.) Northwoods trades Kenny Rogers to Plum Island for Plum Island's 2009 5th and 2010 4th round draft choices.
22.) Montreal trades Edgar Renteria, Damian Easley and $3,500,000 to Gotham City for a pack of gum,
23.) Alaska trades Dioner Navarro to Taggart for South Range's 2009 1st round draft choice.
24.) Aspen trades Kevin Frandsen, Kyle Kendrick, Aspen's 2009 1st roundd draft choice and $1,500,000 to Plum Island for Alfonso Soriano and Matt Thornton.
25.) Mequon trades Shawn Chacon and $400,000 to Montreal for a bag of Skittles.
26.) Aspen trades Brandon Moss and Aspen's 2009 4th round draft choice to Waikiki for Dan Wheeler.
27.) Waikiki trades Alexi Casilla and Chris Coste to Palm Harbor for Scott Feldman and Palm Harbor's 2009 2nd round draft choice.
28.) Aspen trades B.J. Ryan and $500,000 to Mequon for a bag of peanuts.
29.) Hoboken trades Adam Dunn and Hoboken's 2009 2nd round draft choice to Aspen for Ross Gload and Cha Seung Baek.
30.) Hoboken trades Scott Rolen to Mequon for Austin Kearns and Jose Tabata.


31.) Bloomington trades Cliff Lee, Ray Durham and Fernando Tatis to Virginia for Robinson Cano, Brandon Wood and Ben Revere.
32.) Virginia trades Seth McClung to Montreal for Montreal's 2009 4th round draft choice.
33.) Montreal trades Blaine Boyer to Taggart for Garrett Olson.
34.) Georgia trades Aubrey Huff and Coco Crisp to Taggart for Casey Kotchman, Corey Hart, Bill Hall and Todd Coffey.
35.) Bloomington trades Gil Meche and $1,000,000 to Waikiki for Emilio Bonifacio and J.R. Towles.
36.) Dublin releases Curt Schilling and Joe Kennedy.
37.) Waikiki trades Jose Molina to Annadale for Jorge de la Rosa.
38.) Taggart trades Ross Ohlendorf to Williamsburg for Williamsburg's 2010 7th round draft choice.
39.) Aspen trades Kevin Kouzmanoff, Joe Blanton, Alfonso Soriano and Aspen's 2009 Bonus round draft choice to South Range for Matt Holliday and Buddy Carlyle.


40.) Mequon releases Scott Eyre, Aaron Fultz, Kirk Saarloos, Jorge Sosa and Kevin Mench.
41.) Montreal trades Chase Headley to West Oakland for Christopher Davis.


42.) West Oakland releases John Thomson.
43.) Gotham City trades John McDonald to Waikiki for Esteban Loaiza.
44.) Lafontaine Park trades Omar Infante to Virginia for Virginia's 2010 2nd round draft choice.
45.) Taggart trades Chad Durbin and Josh Outman to Mequon for Salomon Torres.
46.) Bloomington trades Milton Bradley to Virginia for Skip Schumaker, Andy Sonnanstine and Virginia's 2011 1st and 2nd round draft choices.
47.) Annadale trades Brian Burres to Taggart for Taggart's 2010 4th round draft choice.
48.) Montreal trades Seth McClung to Taggart for Brian Burres and Taggart's 2010 3rd round draft choice.
49.) Taggart releases Craig Wilson, John Patterson, Mike Maroth, Ben Broussard, Johnny Estrada.
50.)New York trades Jeff Mathis to South Range for a bag of peanuts.


51.) West Oakland trades Henry Blanco and $200,000 to Lafontaine Park for Matt Albers.
52.) Annadale trades Nate Robertson and $3,750,000 to South Range for a bag of peanuts.
53.) Taggart trades Ryan Langerhans to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's 2010 5th round draft choice.
54.) Montreal trades A.J. Pierzynski to Annadale for Adam Kennedy, Jeremy Sowers, Wil Nieves and Annadale's 2010 4th round draft choice.
55.) Plum Island trades Jerry Hairston to Northwoods for Scott Hairston.
56.) Dublin releases Trot Nixon and Ambioriz Burgos
57.) Palo Alto releases Scott Dohman.
58.) Aspen releases Dave Borkowski.
59.) Taggart releases Tony Clark.
60.) Waikiki releases Rob Mackowiak.
61.) Bloomington releases John Bale, Roger Bernadina and Mike Lamb.
62.) Alaska releases Ruben Gotay and Jamie Burke.
63.) Montreal trades Russ Springer to Virginia for Virginia's 2010 3rd round draft choice and $750,000.
64.) Montreal releases Bryan Bullington, Wes Helms, Marlon Anderson and Jamie Walker.
65.) Plum Island releases Jose Garcia.
66.) New York releases Yoman Bazardo, Jason Jennings, Randy Messenger, Luis E. Gonzalez, Brad Wilkerson.
67.) Williamsburg releases Alex Cintron.


68.) Montreal trades Cliff Floyd to Mequon for Sean Casey and Geoff Jenkins.
69.) Plum Island trades Carlos Zambrano, Luis Castillo and Chris Britton to Silver for Max Scherzer, Jeff Samardzija, Brandon Backe and Silver's 2011 2nd round draft choice.
70.) Montreal trades Sean Casey and $167,000 to Silver for a Casey Candaele rookie card.
71.) Montreal trades Michael Taylor to New York for Ronny Cedeno.
72.) Montreal trades Matt Herges to New York for a bag of peanuts.


73.) Virginia trades C.J. Wilson to Plum Island for a warm Diet Coke.
74.) Plum Island releases Al Reyes.


75.) Waikiki agrees to send Oliver Perez packing to Taggart in exchange for Tom Gorzelanny & Taggart's 2nd round pick in 2010.
76.) Montreal sends Curtis Granderson to Annadale for Denard Span, Ian Stewart and ANN #2 (2010)
77.) Montreal releases Ron Villone.


78.) Silver trades Chris Britton to Plum Island for 75K and a fish taco.
79.) Silver trades Chris Burke to Gotham City for a used UPS ink pen.
80.) Silver trades their 2010 2nd round pick to Bloomington for Brad Lidge.
81.) New York trades Xavier Nady to Taggart for Daniel Murphy and Billy Sadler.
82.) Montreal trades David Wright to Bloomington Cameron Maybin, Mat Latos, Daniel Bard and $3,000,000.
83.) Virginia trades Nick Hundley to Montreal for Annadale's 2010 4th round draft choice.
84.) Virginia trades Paul Konerko to Bloomington for Geoff Geary.
85.) Georgia trades John Parrish to Bloomington for $150,000.
86.) West Oakland trades Chris Sampson and Elijah Dukes to Aspen for Joel Pineiro, Clete Thomas and Aspen's 2010 3rd round draft choice.
87.) Georgia trades A.J. Burnett to Bloomington for Mike Fontenot.
88.) Bloomington trades Clint Barmes and Jim Edmonds to Alaska for Raul Ibanez and Ramon Vazquez.
89.) New York releases Matt Herges.


90.) Montreal releases Mike Timlin.
91.) Plum Island releases Tom Glavine.
92.) Virginia trades Shawn Hill to Montreal for future considerations.
93.) Silver trades Tony Pena Jr. and Silver's 2010 5th round draft choice to Williamsburg for David Eckstein, Augie Ojeda and Toby Hall.
94.) Silver trades Shannon Stewart to Plum Island for $50,000.
95.) Montreal releases Raul Chavez.
96.) Plum Island releases David Riske.


97.) Bloomington extends Raul Ibanez's contract 1 year at $5,000,000.
98.) West Oakland extends Jarrod Washburn's contract 1 year at $5,000,000.
99.) Lafontaine Park extends Johnny Damon's contract 1 year at $5,000,000.