1.) Montreal extends Greg Maddux's contract for 1 year at $5,000,000.
2.) Hoboken extends Tim Wakefield's contract for 1 year at $5,000,000.
3.) Montreal trades Dan Johnson to Aspen for Alan Embree.
4.) Montreal trades Boof Bonser to Greenville for Aaron Hill.
5.) Virginia trades Jason Frasor and Jermaine Dye to Greenville for Joe Nathan.
6.) Montreal trades Aaron Hill for Brad Penny.
South Range trades Carlos Delgado, Carlos Silva and Yadier Molina to Williamsburg for $250,000.
8.) Virginia releases Jon Adkins, Eric Dubose, Travis Harper and Brian Sikorski.
9.) West Oakland trades Freddy Sanchez to Hoboken for Livan Hernandez, Joel Zumaya, Todd Wellemeyer and Travis Snider.
10.) Greenville trades Jeff Kent and $3,000,000 to Montreal for Rafael Soriano and Chris Gomez.
11.) Montreal trades Alex Gonzalez to Annadale for Edgar Renteria and $2,500,000.
.) Williamsburg extends Marlon Byrd's contract for 1 year at $5,000,0000.
13.) Hogan's trades Orlando Cabrera to Taggart for David Bush and Dustin Nippert
14.) Silver trades Craig Biggio and $750,500 to Plum Island for Jack Wilson.
15.) Waikiki trades J.J. Hardy, Garrett Atkins, Mike Rivera, Mike Maroth, Todd Jones, Jaret Wright and Dennis Sarfate to Taggart for Orlando Cabrera, Mark Reynolds, Alexi Casilla and Juan Morillo.
16.) Lafontaine Park releases Chan Ho Park.
17.) Montreal releases Arthur Rhodes.
18.) South Range releases Brian Meadows and Aaron Small.


19.) Greenville trades Kevin Millwood, Chris Ianetta, Bill Rowell, Dexter Fowler and Chad Paronto to New York for Derrek Lee, Jon Garland, Vinnie Chulk, New York's 2008 2nd round draft choice and $23,000,000.
20.) Montreal trades Ryan Braun and Wilson Betemit to Hogan's for David Wright.
21.) Montreal trades Joba Chamberlain, Dellin Betances, Ryan Freel and Montreal's 2009 2nd round draft choice to Hogan's for Grady Sizemore.
.) Northwoods trades Jason Bay to Palo Alto for Jason Isringhausen.


23.) Lake Zurich trades Barry Zito to Montreal for Luke Scott, Ray Durham, Angel Villalona and Montreal's 2009 3rd round draft choice.
24.) Alaska trades Woody Williams to Plum Island for Plum Island's 2009 2nd and 4th round draft choices.
25.) Virginia trades Felipe Lopez to Port Richey for a bucket of balls.
26.) Silver trades Garrett Anderson to Dublin for $150,000.
.) Alaska releases Danny Kolb.
28.) Maryland trades Matt Diaz, Matt Herges and $400,000 to Gotham City for Jeremy Sowers, Jose Cruz Jr. and Gotham City's 2009 1st round draft choice.


29.) Dublin trades Ron Belliard and $800,000 to South Range for Elvis Andrus.
30.) South Range trades Pedro Feliz to Maryland for David Ross and $400,000.
31.) Waikiki trades Francisco Cordero to Port Richey for J.R. Towles and Port Richey's 2008 6th round draft choice.
32.) Dublin trades Cliff Lee and $250,000 to Maryland for Maryland's 2008 2nd round draft choice.
33.) Greenville releases Bruce Chen and Kirk Rueter.
34.) Dublin releases Rick Bauer.
35.) West Oakland releases Vance Wilson.


36.) Dublin releases Henry Blanco.
37.) Taggart releases Hector Carrasco, Mike Rivera, Jose Valentin and Jaret Wright.
38.) Taggart trades Ramon Ortiz and $2,300,000 to Alaska for piece of mind.
39.) Montreal trades Jason LaRue to South Range for a pair of Green Monster seats.
40.) Palo Alto trades Joel Guzman to West Oakland for Emil Brown.
41.) Maryland trades Coco Crisp to Georgia for Georgia's 2009 2nd and 5th round draft choices.
42.) Palo Alto trades Wandy Rodriguez to Silver for Brendan Harris and Kip Wells.
43.) Dublin releases David Aardsma.
44.) Silver trades Josh Fogg to Maryland for Gotham City's 2009 1st round draft choice.
45.) New York trades Chad Paronto and $700,000 to Silver for piece of mind.
46.) Taggart trades Willy Taveras to South Range for South Range's 2009 1st round draft choice.
47.) Taggart trades Scott Schoeneweis, Oscar Villarreal and $700,000 to South Range for South Range's 2010 3rd round draft choice.
48.) Gotham City trades Carlos Quentin and Ian Stewart to Lafontaine Park for Brian Roberts, Gerrit Cole and $3,000,000.


49.) Dublin releases Corey Koskie.
50.) Annadale trades Gil Meche and Annadale's 2009 3rd round draft choice to Maryland for Adam Loewen, Jeremy Sowers, Brian Burres and Maryland's 2009 1st round draft choice.
51.) West Oakland trades Huston Street to South Range for Travis Buck.
52.) Williamsburg releases Sal Fasano.
53.) Virginia releases Tony Blanco.
54.) Lafontaine Park trades Ken Griffey Jr. to Virginia for Andre Ethier and Johnny Damon.
55.) Maryland releases Blaine Boyer, Neifi Perez, Eric Stults and Ezequiel Astacio.
56.) Hogan's releases Mike Sweeney.
57.) Lafontaine Park trades Ted Lilly and Jeff Samardzija to Silver for Aaron Crow and Gotham City's 2009 1st round draft choice.
58.) Silver trades Chad Paronto and $55,000 to West Oakland for Craig Counsell.
59.) West Oakland releases Paul Phillips.
60.) Aspen releases Tom Martin, Terrmel Sledge and Dave Dellucci.
61.) Alaska releases Jason Davis.
62.) Silver releases Ben Zobrist, Brian Lawrence and Abraham O. Nunez.
63.) Palo Alto releases Craig Hansen.
64.) Lafontaine Park trades Alejandro De Aza to Annadale for a Yearbook.
65.) Lafontaine Park trades Justin Huber and Chris Snelling to Hoboken for a bag of chips.
66.) Lafontaine Park releases Winston Abreu, Jae Kuk Ryu, Jason Lane, Jerome Williams, Alex Escobar and Ryan Shealy.
67.) New York releases John Rheinecker, Virgil Vasquez, Eric Bruntlett and Andy Phillips.
68.) Port Richey releases Sean Tracey and Shane Costa.


69.) Montreal trades Harold Martinez and Eric Hull to Plum Island for Josh Phelps.


70.) Lafontaine Park trades Doug Brocail to Virginia for Virginia's 2009 2nd round draft choice and $1,000,000.


71.) Taggart trades Lenny Dinardo and Bob Howry to Georgia for Georgia's 2009 and 2010 3rd round draft choices.
72.) Georgia releases Josh Sharpless and Chris Narveson.
73.) Mequon trades Julian Tavarez to New York for $25,000.
74.) Taggart trades Todd Jones and $1,112,500 to Palo Alto for Palo Alto's 2009 4th round draft choice.
75.) Palo Alto releases Rob Bell.
76.) Greenville trades Randy Messenger to New York for Jimmy Gobble.
77.) New York releases Casey Fossum.
78.) Montreal trades Barry Zito, Chris Coste, Henry Sosa and $1,400,000 to Waikiki for Rich Hill and Juan Morillo.


79.) Northwoods trades Matt Albers to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's 2009 3rd round draft choice.
80.) Northwoods trades Tom Gordon and $1,144,444 to Lafontaine Park for one free pass into Canada.
81.) Mequon trades Shane Youman to Lafontaine Park for an old Stadia Olympique game program (English version).
82.) Hoboken trades Mike Belisle to Lafontaine Park for $1,000,000.
83.) Lafontaine Park trades Juan Cruz and Brian Fuentes to Silver for Silver's 2009 2nd round draft choice and $2,000,000.
84.) Georgia trades Jorge Posada and Randy Flores to Montreal for A.J. Pierzynski, Ryan Ludwick, Rudy Seanex, Joe Dillon and Chuck Lofgren.
85.) Georgia releases Jason Botts and Mitch Maier.
86.) Lafontaine Park releases Jason Simontacchi.
87.) Silver releases Matt Clement.
88.) Montreal trades Olmedo Saenz to Annadale for two tickets to a concert.
89.) Maryland trades Timo Perez and $168,333 to Montreal for Montreal's 2010 3rd round draft choice.
90.) Silver trades Steve Kline to Annadale for $25,000.
91.) Greenville extends Jermaine Dye's contract 1 year at $5,500,000.
92.) Waikik trades Pat Neshek and Ramon Martinez to Palo Alto for Kei Igawa and Ramon Vazquez.


93.) Montreal sends Roger Clemens and $322,500 to Virginia for a bag of peanuts.
94.) Lafontaine Park trades Wes Helms, Wil Ledezma, Todd Linden and $1,320,000 to Montreal for Montreal's 2010 4th round draft pick.
95.) Montreal extends Carlos Pena's contract 2 years at $10,000,000.
96.) Virginia releases Dennys Reyes.


97.) Lafontaine Park extends Jason Giambi's contract 1 year at $5,744,200.
98.) Port Richey extends Magglio Ordonez's contract 3 years at $15,000,000.
99.) Virginia extends Shane Victorino's contract 1 year at $5,000,000.