1.) Silver trades Khalil Greene to Maryland for Jason Marquis.
2.) Annadale trades Matt Morris to Lafontaine Park for Derrek Lee.
3.) Silver trades Travis Hafner, Jayson Werth and Kyle Sleeth to West Oakland
for Jaret Wright, Jim Brower and Doug Mirabelli.
4.) Silver trades Kurt Ainsworth and Team Mays' 2nd round draft choice to
Mansfield for Todd Walker.

5.) Lafontaine Park trades Jose Vidro and Tony Armas Jr. to Waukesha for Mike
Piazza, J.J. Davis and Waukesha's 2005 2nd round draft choice.
6.) Tampa Bay trades Felix Hernandez and Boof Bonser to Plum Island for Plum
Island's 2006 1st and 2nd round draft choices.


7.) Rivendell trades Jason Varitek and Brett Tomko to Waukesha for Geoff Jenkins and David Bell.
8.) Torrington trades Cliff Lee, Rod Barajas, Derek Lowe and $1,500,000 to Exeter for Antonio Alfonseca and Mariano Rivera.
9.) Torrington trades Shawn Estes to Baltimore for Kent Mercker.
10.) Exeter trades Dmitri Young to Buckeye for Ricardo Rodriguez, Antonio Perez and Plum Island’s 2005 5th round draft choice.
11.) Silver trades Brandon Webb, Terrmel Sledge, Eric Hinske and $4,000,000 to Gotham City for Eric Chavez.
12.) Mansfield trades Josh Phelps and Darren Dreifort to Gotham City for Eric Hinske.
13.) Buckeye trades Brad Radke to Silver for Brian Lawrence and Ramon Nivar.
14.) Mansfield trades Tom Glavine to Lafontaine Park for Ryan Vogelsong.
15.) West Oakland trades Octavio Dotel to Buckeye for Sean Burnett, Tampa Bay’s 2005 3rd round draft choice and Buckeye’s 2005 5th round draft choice.
16.) Lafontaine Park trades Kazuhisa Ishii to Silver for Guillermo Quiroz.


17.) Rivendell releases Aaron Boone and Brian Reith.
18.) Mansfield trades Frank Thomas to Buckeye for Jay Witasick and Aaron
19.) Silver trades Kazuhisa Ishii to Buckeye for Jeff Conine, Ben Grieve
and Miguel Cairo.
20.) San Bernardino trades Chad Tracy and Dioner Navarro to Buckeye for
Luis Rivas, Jose Castillo, Juan Encarnacion and $2,000,000.
21.) Gotham City trades Todd Pratt to Williamsburg for $25,000.
22.) Exeter trades Melvin Mora to Virginia for Rocco Baldelli and Jon
23.)West Oakland trades Brian Giles to Virginia for Ty Wigginton, Jay
Gibbons and Karim Garcia.
24.) Northwoods trades Gary Bennett and Annadale's 2005 2nd round draft
choice to Mansfield for Torrington's 2005 2nd round draft choice.
25.) Baltimore trades Danny Kolb to Virginia for Sun-Woo Kim, Hector
Luna and Javier Valentin.
26.) Rivendell trades Jon Switzer and Todd Wellemeyer to Portland for
one box "BALCO" promotional T-shirts (courtesy of Jason Giambi).
27.) Northwoods trades Travis Harper, Juan Cruz and Glendon Rusch to
Plum Island for Wade Miller and Plum Island's 2006 3rd round draft choice.
28.) Baltimore releases Chris Singleton and Travis Lee.
29.) Northwoods trades Pat Burrell, Carlos Pena and Joe Crede to West
Oakland for Travis Hafner and Jose Hernandez.
30.) Baltimore trades Adam Kennedy to Port Richey for $1,250,000.
31.) Aspen trades Alex Cora to Virginia for Buddy Hernandez and
Virginia's 2005 2nd round draft choice.
32.) Aspen trades Aaron Cook to Maryland for Larry Broadway.
33.) Gotham City releases Bud Smith.
34.) Silver trades Pat Hentgen to San Bernardino for $100,000.


35.) Mansfield releases Mike Sirotka and Mo Vaughn.
36.) Annadale trades A.J. Burnett, Mike Hampton, Shigetoshi Hasegawa and Seth McClung to Waukesha for B.J. Ryan, Brett Tomko and Jason Varitek.
37.) Waukesha trades Waukesha's 2005 1st round draft choice to Mansfield for Mansfield's 2005 1st round draft choice and Virginia's 2005 1st round draft choice.
38.) Tampa Bay trades Juan Pierre, Freddy Garcia, Nick Johnson, Ron Belliard and Brandon Inge to Plum Island for Alfonso Soriano, Javier Vazquez, Eric Valent, Bobby Kielty, Yorvit Torrealba and Plum Island's 2005 4th round draft choice..
39.) Northwoods trades Wily Mo Pena and Endy Chavez to West Oakland for Johnny Damon.
40.) Maryland releases Greg Myers.
41.) Lafontaine Park releases Joel Hanrahan.
42.) Virginia trades Byung-Hyun Kim to Lafontaine Park for Edgar Martinez and Javier Lopez.
43.) Silver trades Eric Young, Dan Wheeler and $500,000 to Annadale for Kelly Shoppach.
44.) Maryland trades John Smoltz and Andy Pettitte to Gotham City for Rheal Cormier and Steve Trachsel.
45.) Baltimore trades Pedro Martinez to Virginia for Bartolo Colon, Stephen Randolph and Prince Fielder.
46.) Maryland trades Grady Sizemore, Steve Reed and Jered Weaver to Santa Barbara for Eric Gagne and Olmedo Saenz.
47.) Maryland trades Todd Jones to Virginia for Virginia's 2006 3rd round draft choice.
48.) Virginia trades Virginia's 2006 2nd round draft choice to Northwoods for Bobby Hill, Daryle Ward and Northwoods 2005 4th round draft choice.
49.) Torrington trades Frank Catalanotto to Baltimore for one Ovaltine decoder ring.
50.) Torrington trades Ricardo Rincon to Gotham City for $500,000.
51.) West Oakland releases Karim Garcia.
52.) Rivendell trades Aaron Sele to San Bernardino for a can of Bush's Best Beans.
53.) Rivendell releases Brandon Lyon.
54.) Torrington trades Torrington's 2006 4th round draft choice to Buckeye for Lafontaine Park's 2005 4th round draft choice.
55.) Annadale trades Annadale's 2006 5th round draft choice to Buckeye for Buckeye's 2005 6th round draft choice and Portland's 2005 6th round draft choice.
56.) Virginia releases Fernando Vina.
57.) Waukesha releases Jeff D'Amico, Jose Jimenez and Shane Reynolds.
58.) Portland releases Henry Mateo, Jon Switzer and Nick Neugebauer.
59.) Port Richey releases Eric June, Sean Henn, Jon Skaggs and Chien-Ming Wang
60.) Baltimore releases Ruben Mateo.
61.)Baltimore trades Jose Molina to Buckeye for Lafontaine Park's 2006 4th round draft choice.
62.) Santa Barbara releases Jeremy Griffiths and Chris Spurling.
63.) Exeter releases Henri Stanley and Travis Foley.
64.) Tampa Bay releases Paul Bacot.
65.) Maryland trades Tike Redman and Maryland's 2006 3rd round draft choice to Buckeye for Buckeye's 2005 3rd round draft choice and Rivendell's 2005 4th round draft choice.
66.) Aspen releases Mike Bynum, Joey Dawley, David Elder, Scott Mullen, Rodrigo Rosario, Jose Santiago, Jason Simontacchi, Brandon Villafuerte, Ron Calloway and John McDonald.
67.) Gotham City releases Darren Dreifort.


68.) Silver trades Taylor Buchholz and Silver's 2006 7th round draft choice to Santa Barbara for John Mabry.
69 A.) Plum Island trades Kyle Farnsworth, Plum Island's 2007 2nd round draft choice and $800,000 to Tampa Bay for Juan Rivera.
69.B) Plum Island trades Juan Rivera and Plum Island's 2007 1st round draft choice to Port Richey for Danys Baez and Port Richey's 2007 3rd round draft choice.
70.) Silver trades Roberto Alomar and $3,000,000 to Portland for Portland's 2006 7th round draft choice.
71.) Annadale trades Dan Wheeler, Merkin Valdez, Garret Anderson, Carl Everett, David Wright, Annadale's 2006 3rd and 6th round draft choices to Santa Barbara for Scot Shields, Bobby Abreu, Eli Marrero and $550,000.
72.) Annadale trades Barry Zito, Jacque Jones, Placido Polanco, Jason Stokes and Annadale's 2007 2nd round draft choice to Buckeye for Joe Randa, Ron Villone and Carlos Lee.
73.) Northwoods trades Chad Cordero, Northwoods' 2006 4th round draft choice and $200,000 to Annadale for Justin Upton and Annadale's 2007 1st round draft choice.


74.) Aspen trades Jason LaRue and Buddy Hernandez to Silver for Jason L. Phillips and Kelly Shoppach.
75.) Santa Barbara trades Jose Valentin and Dustin Nippert to Virginia for Joey Votto, Chris Woodward and Virginia's 2006 4th round draft choice.
76.) Buckeye trades Terrence Long and Tike Redman to Port Richey for $1,000,000.
77.) Buckeye trades Frank Thomas to Plum Island for a bag of popcorn.
78.) Baltimore trades Adrian Beltre to Torrington for Sean Burroughs, Gavin Floyd and Torrington's 2006 3rd round draft choice.
79.) Virginia releases Wil Cunnane and Darnell McDonald.
80.) Aspen trades Scott Rolen, Dave Roberts and Aspen's 2006 2nd and 4th round draft choices to Portland for Morgan Ensberg, Ken Griffey Jr., Luke Hudson, Clint Nageotte, Adam Wainwright and Portland's 2006 1st and 2nd round draft choices.
81.) Waukesha trades Derek Jeter, Orlando Hernandez, Matt Wise and Nick Punto to Portland for Edgar Renteria, Victor Zambrano and John Patterson.
82.) Aspen trades Chris Hammond and $400,000 to Buckeye for Buckeye's 2006 3rd round draft choice.
83.) Santa Barbara releases Jacob Cruz and Todd Zeile.
84.) Plum Island releases Wilkin Ruan.
85.) Exeter releases Denny Neagle, Paul Abbot and Pedro Feliciano.
86.) Williamsburg releases Tim Salmon and Matt Thornton.
87.) Baltimore releases Mario Ramos.
Waukesha trades Eddie Perez and $350,000 to Gotham City for a new pair of snow shoes.
89.) Gotham City releases Travis Blackley.
90.) Aspen releases Shane Spencer.
91.) Buckeye releases Ramon Nivar.
92.) Port Richey releases Marlon Anderson and Ricky Stone.


93.) Tampa Bay trades Lance Berkman to Williamsburg for Casey Kotchman and Jeremy Reed.
94.) Tampa Bay trades Alfonso Soriano to Silver for Todd Walker, Andy Marte and Silver's 2006 3rd round draft choice.
95.) Tampa Bay trades Armando Benitez, Eddie Guardado and $3,000,000 to Northwoods for Edwin Jackson and Esteban Yan.
96.) Tampa Bay releases Robert Person.
96.) a.) Rivendell is fined $1,000,000 for a late mailing to a league administrator.


97.) Silver trades Justin Miller to Tampa Bay for $400,000.
98.) Waukesha trades Jermaine Dye to Tampa Bay for a Bravos team pennant.
99.) Buckeye trades Jacque Jones and Jason Jennings to Tampa Bay for Javier Vazquez,
Joel Zumaya and $2,100,000.
100.) Mansfield trades Sean Casey to Silver for Silver's 2006 1st round draft choice.
101.) San Bernardino trades Juan Brito to Plum Island for Tomas Perez.
102.) Exeter trades Antonio Osuna to Lafontaine Park for Amaury Telemaco, Byung Hyun Kim, Lafontaine Park's 2006 3rd round draft choice and $833,333.
103,) Silver trades Wes Helms to Santa Barbara for $200,000.
104.) Virginia trades Gabe White to Tampa Bay for Tampa Bay's 2006 5th round draft choice.
105.) Tampa Bay trades Eric Valent to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's 2006 5th round draft choice.
106.) Santa Barbara releases Rene Reyes.
107.) Tampa Bay releases Eduardo Perez, Jeremi Gonzalez and Chris Stynes.
108.) Exeter releases Jeriome Robertson.


109.) Gotham City trades Al Levine to Virginia for a Snicker bar.
110.) Aspen trades Charles Thomas and Mike Matheny to Maryland for Brad Hennessey and Maryland's 2006 1st round draft pick.
111.) Maryland releases Brandon Duckworth.


112.) San Bernardino trades Keith Foulke to Buckeye for Darren Dreifort and Buckeye's 2006 1st round draft choice.
113.) Buckeye trades Kazuhisa Ishii to Virginia for Danny Kolb and Dave Borkowski.
114.) Maryland trades Todd Williams to Virginia for Virginia's 2007 2nd round draft choice.
Plum Island trades Joe Mays and $83,333 to Baltimore for Trevor Hoffman.
116.) Baltimore trades Ryan Madson to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's 2006 1st round draft choice.
117.) Lafontaine Park releases Eric Crozier.


118.) Baltimore trades Dave Burba to Gotham City for $300,000.
119.) Mansfield trades LaTroy Hawkins and $500,000 to Annadale for Annadale's 2006 7th round draft choice.
120.) Exeter trades Ryan Klesko to Plum Island for Orlando Palmeiro.
121.) San Bernardino trades Jose Castillo to Tampa Bay for Yusmeiro Petit, Plum Island's 2006 1st round draft choice and Plum Island's 2007 2nd round draft choice.
122.) Gotham City trades Eddie Perez to Virginia for one bag of Patriot bubble gum.
123.) Virginia releases Jason Conti.
124.) Tampa Bay releases Justin Miller.