1.) Buckeye trades Chad Bradford to Gotham City for Kerry Ligtenberg and Gotham City's 2004 4th round draft choice.
2.) Buckeye trades Brian Daubach to Lafontaine Park for Dave Hansen and Lafontaine Park's 2005 4th round draft choice.
3.) Rivendell trades Moises Alou to Waukesha for John Vander Wal.


4.) Plum Island trades Dennis Tankersley to Taggart for Nelson Cruz and
Taggart's 2004 3rd round draft choice.
5.) Plum Island trades Zach Day to Boston for Kelvim Escobar.
6.) Silver trades Rodrigo Lopez t
o Lafontaine Park for Shawn Chacon and Chris George.


7.) Plum Island trades Jayson Durocher and Plum Island's 2004 3rd round
draft choice to Toontown for Guillermo Mota
8.) Taggart trades John Burkett and Bronson Sardinha to Buckeye for Kenny


9.) Buckeyes trade Dave Hansen to Toontown for Toontown's 2004 7th Round Pick.
10.) Buckeyes trade Freddy Garcia, Daryle Ward and Steve Kline to Portland for Esteban Loaiza, Brian Anderson, Ricardo Rodriguez, Portland's 2004 5th Round Pick, 2005 2nd Round Pick and $1,500,000.
11.) Buckeyes trade John Burkett and Tony Womack to Virginia for Miguel Tejera and Brian Buchanon.
12.) Williamsburg trades Brandon Looper to Lafontaine Park for Seung Song and $1,000,000.
13.) Williamsburg trades Mark Bellhorn to Plum Island for Denny Hocking, Plum Island's 2004 1st round draft choice and $250,000.
14.) Buckeyes trade Mike Lamb to Portland for Reggie Taylor.
15.) Buckeyes trade Brian Anderson to Lafontaine Park for Ray Lankford and $87,500.
16.) Buckeyes trade Esteban Loaiza to Silver for $500,000.
17.) Buckeyes trade Eric Milton to Virginia for John Burkett, Geoff Blum, Cal Eldred and Julian Tavarez.
18.) Buckeyes trade Damon Minor to Lafontaine Park for $300,000.
19.) San Bernandino trades Andy Sheets to Portland for $125,000.
20.) Buckeyes trade Britt Reames to Portland for a large bucket of cotton candy.
21.) Portland trades Juan Castro to Waukesha for $25,000.
22.) Buckeyes trade Geoff Blum and Sean Lowe to Lafontaine Park for Felix Escalona, Rusty Greer and Darrell May.
23.) Portland trades Gabe Kapler to Toontown for $300,000.
24.) Silver releases Juan Alvarez.
25.) Toontown releases Jeremy Hill and Pablo Ozuna.
26.) Waukesha releases Mitch Melusky.


27.) Buckeyes trade Darrell May to Gothan City for $50,000.
28.) Northwoods trade Trevor Hoffman to Maryland for Maryland's 2004 3rd Round Draft Choice.
29.) Taggart trades Kenny Rogers to Plum Island for Plum Island's 2004 2nd Round Draft Choice.
30.) Plum Island releases Adam Piatt.


31.) Virginia trades Jay Witasick to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's 2004 3rd Round Draft Choice.
32.) Lafontaine Park trades Sean Lowe and $106,667 to Virginia for a box of Cracker Jacks.


No transactions